MODEL 50386P Packaged Repeater

General Description

The HydroLynx Model 50386P Packaged Repeater is used to relay data from remote sites to a central site where line-of-site radio paths do not exist. The complete package includes a weather proof housing for the Model 50386RP Data Repeater, a high gain omni antenna with mast, and a solar panel. The Model 50386P is designed for fast efficient installation, with minimum environmental impact, at repeater sites where no other structures or towers are available.

A 3.0 Amp solar panel is supplied as standard. This size requires a minimum of only one sun hour per day to keep the repeater battery charged. The battery is sufficient to operate the repeater for 20 days during periods of no sun. Additional batteries can be supplied for longer periods of eligible sun.

The repeater battery voltage can be transmitted to the base station on a timed interval or when a change threshold is met. Sensor input packages add sensor connectors to the 50386 canister for on site data collection and transmission back to the base station.


5033-0.6B 600mA Solar Panels with regulators and mounting bracket


Model 50386P


Height: 16 ft.
Diameter: 12 in.
Weight: 80 lbs.
Shipping weight: 90 lbs.

Specify transmit and receive radio frequencies.

Ordering Information

Packaged Repeater

  • 50386RP-SA Standpipe Assembly
  • 50386RP-SO Standpipe
  • 5090SC Spun Cap
  • 50386P-AM Antenna Mast Assembly
  • DB224 or DB408 Antenna (Specify frequency)
  • 50386C Antenna Cable
  • 50386LR Lifting Rope
  • 50386RP Repeater
  • RTR, Specify radio and frequency
  • 5031-18 Gel Cell Battery, 18 AH, 12 Vdc

Packaged Repeater with 2 RTRs and 2 Antenna Connectors

  • Same as 50386P with 2 RTRs and 2 Antenna Connectors

Packaged Repeater with 5045TS Rain Gauge Top Section

  • Same as 50386P with 5045TS Rain Gauge Top Section

Packaged Repeater with 5050LL-PTD Pressure Transducer

  • Same as 50386P with 5050LL-PTD Pressure Transducer

Packaged Repeater with all weather station sensors

  • Same as 50386P with all weather station sensors

Specify transmit and receive radio frequencies.




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