MODEL 5881/A2 - ALERT2 Packaged Weather Station

General Description

The HydroLynx 5381/A2 Packaged Weather Station combines the effectiveness of the ALERT2 Self-Reporting Weather Station with the utility of the 50388 transmitter. In addition to its multiple communication pathways (see Model 5354 General Description), the 50388 features data analysis which allows data to be processed on site prior to transmission.

Processing data allows the 50388 to transmit averages, maximums, minimums and other computed values; this eliminates the transmission of large amounts of data required for these calculations at the base station. Also, in combination with other communication pathways not limited by the ALERT protocol, data in engineering units with base sets and other meta data are transmitted.

The standard 5881 consists of wind, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and precipitation sensors; a 50388-81 Data Transmitter; a solar panel; interconnection cables and omni antenna. A USB programming port and SDI-12 sensor input port are standard. The 50388 can be expanded to a total of 16 analog inputs, four low speed counters (rain sensor inputs), four high speed counters (AC or DC wind inputs), sixteen digital status inputs and eight digital outputs.


5054SD: Slide in Access Door for Standpipe
5050LA: Antenna Lightning Protection
5033-0.6B solar panel
2048RH/T-V Relative Humidity & Temperature Sensor w/ cable, connector, shield
05103 General Purpose Wind Monitor
108242 Cable for above RM Young Sensor
SAM160: Directional Antenna, 10 dB
5073TBX: ScadaLynx Toolbox Software
50388-OP2: 10 Pin MS Female Digital Status Connector
50388-OP6: Internal Power Supply
50388-OP8: ScadaLynx Radio
50388-OP14: Network Interface
50388-OP21: Cellular Radio, Antenna and cable
50388-OP22: Iridium Satellite Radio, Antenna and cable
50388-OP23: WiFi Radio, Antenna and cable



Model 5881


Height: 12 ft., including rain gauge
Diameter: 12 in.
Weight: 80 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 90 lbs.

Ordering Information


Packaged Weather Station

  • 5054SO Standpipe
  • 5081MX-1 Antenna Mast and one arm for Wind Sensor
  • 5054C-RG8-KIT Antenna Cable and connectors
  • 5050A Omni Antenna, 3dB gain
  • CRG8-BNC/NM7’ AND NM/PML 13’
  • 5054TS Rain Gauge Top Section, includes funnel and screens
  • 5050P-MS Tipping Bucket Assembly, includes 25' cable and connector
  • 5054LR Lifting Rope
  • 50388/A2-81 Transmitter with data logging
  • GPS Antenna/receive with lightning arrestor
  • ALERT2 LDR Encoder PCB
  • RTR-MX-V Maxon Radio
  • 5031-22 Gel Cell Battery, 22Ah, 12Vdc


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