MODEL 5073TBX : 50386 Toolbox Software

General Description

The Model 5073TBX 50386 Toolbox Software is a MS Windows based program which allows the user to configure the 50386 RTU. Configurable parameters include: general system, sensor sampling, transmission and logging, data download, control set up and testing. The software runs under MS Windows on personal or notebook computers and communicates with a 50386 RTU through a serial (COM) port.

RTU general system parameters include the station ID, clock time, sleep and wakeup intervals, powerdown mode, communication protocol, path position (CTU, repeater, RTU), data logging storage and serial port use.

Sensor sampling parameters include sensor in use, sensor ID, sample time intervals, transmission intervals, maximum-minimum-averaging intervals, signal input ranges, sensor input type, change to transmit and/or log data and calibration coefficients.

Downloading of data can select individual or all sensors. You select the time period to download. Data downloaded is in an ASCII format for easy import into other software programs.

Control set up lets you set control parameters, limits and states. Control testing lets you set control setpoints, analog controls and turn on or off digital status controls.







Computer Requirements

Computer platform: PC with a Pentium 75 MHz or higher processor

Operating system: Microsoft Windows® 98 or later operating system

Additional software: Microsoft HyperTerminal

Memory required:   Operating system: 16 MB of RAM   

Toolbox software: 4 MB of RAM

Installation drive: CD-ROM drive

Communication interface: COM port, USB/Serial adapter

Monitor: VGA- or higher-resolution monitor; Super VGA recommended

Pointer device: Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse®,or compatible pointing device

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50386 Toolbox Software



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