MODEL 5030 : Battery Charger

General Description

The Model 5030 Battery Charger is a two stage constant voltage type charger with current limiting. In the initial phase a high voltage level is used for fast charging then the charger switches to a lower voltage for float charging.

The voltage output is temperature compensated and is protected against shorting or reversing the battery terminals. There is one indicator light that changes colors to indicate charger mode. A green light indicates float charging, a yellow light indicates fast charging and a red light indicates a fault condition.


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Power Requirements: 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 0.2 A RMS
  5030-8: Alligator Clips
  5030-8/3: 3-pin MS-type connector
Fast Charging Voltage: 14.75 ± 0.3 Vdc
Fast Charging Current (Imax): 800 mA
Float Charging Voltage: 13.68 ± 0.12 Vdc
Switch Current (Isw): 107 mA ± 20%
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 °C
Dimensions: 3.8 in. x 2.8 in. x 2.8 in.
Weight: 1.5 lbs

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Ordering Information

Battery Charger for 7 to 18 AH Gel Cell Batteries

Battery Charger for 7 to 18 AH Gel Cell Batteries, with 3-pin MS-type Connector

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