General Description

The HydroLynx Model 5390WL Wireless Lynx option uses direct sequence spread spectrum radio telemetry to transmit data from a sensor to the 50386 Data Transmitter. This allows a sensor to be used at a location that is not practical for a wired sensor.

The option includes two Wireless Lynx Radios, sensor upgrade to a SDI-12 pressure transducer, an upgrade to a 600 mA solar panel at the 5390 station site, a 600 mA solar panel and 18 AH battery at the sensor site. The sensor site configuration can be changed depending on the installation requirement. Consult with a HydroLynx salesperson to discuss the available installation options.

Since ALERT systems rely on radio data telemetry, the best hydrologic site is not always a good ALERT site due to radio path problems; or due to the cost of trenching from the sensor site to the remote site standpipe; or even due to conflicts with other ALERT criteria. The 5390WL provides the ALERT user the flexibility required to install a sensor at the best hydrologic site while maximizing the remote site standpipe location for radio path or other ALERT criteria.


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Model 5390WL


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Ordering Information


Wireless Lynx

  • Two Wireless Lynx Radios
  • SDI-12 Pressure Transducer
  • 5031-18 Gel Cell Battery, 18 AH, 12 Vdc
  • 5033-0.6B Solar Panel Upgrade


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